Transformation:Proceed Pre Check Job

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Proceed Pre Check Job

POST /object/transformation/{transformationId}/precheck

Execute transformation pre-checks.

transformationIdTransformation ID of the transformation.

Required Roles

This call has no restrictions.


The following conditions must be met in order to call this operation.

  • Transformation must exist.

Request Payload

All parameters are required unless otherwise stated.

Field Description Type Notes

Response Body

Transformation info.

Field Description Type Notes
<transformation_id> ID of this transformation URI
<phases>     0-* Elements
<phase_id> Optional. Phase id of transformation. Possible values: PreCheck, Enumeration, Indexing, Migration, Reconciliation, Deletion String
<status> Optional. Phase status. Possible values: Pending, InProgress, Succeeded, Failed, Canceled String
<source_ids> Optional. List of sources (profile and bucket mappings) for transformation String 0-* Elements
<namespace> Optional. Namespace for transformation. If namespace not provided by user, this namespace will be used by transformation during bucket creation. String
<replication_group> Optional. Replication group for transformation. If bucket not provided by user, this replication group will be used by transformation during bucket creation. String