S3 Metadata Search Operation:Get Objects List

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Get Objects List

GET /?query={expression}&attributes={name, ...}&sorted={key}&include-older-versions={true|false}

Executes a bucket search and returns list of objects, and their system and user metadata values, that match the selection conditions in the search query expression.

Query Parameters

query (required) is an expression takes the form: [(]{condition1}[%20[and/or]%20{condition2}][)][%20[and/or]%20...]


  • condition is a metadata keyname filter in the form: {selector} {operator} {argument}, for example "LastModified>2015-01-01T00:00:00Z"
  • in which:

    • selector is a searchable keyname associated with the bucket
    • operator is one of: ==, >, <, >=, <=
    • argument is a value against which the selector is tested. The form of the argument must match the datatype of the key being indexed, which is one of: string, integer, datetime, decimal

attributes (optional) is a list one or more metadata names that are not being indexed, but which can be listed in the query results. For example: "&attributes=ContentType,Retention"

sorted (optional) is the name of one key that appears in the query expression that becomes the sort key for the query results. If this optional parameter is absent, the sort order is the first keyname that appears in the expression.

include-older-versions (optional) is a boolean that when set to true causes both current and non-current versions of the keys to be listed, and when set to false causes only the current versions of keys to be listed. The default is false.

URL Format

Host Style: http://bucketname.ns1.emc.com/?query={expression}&attributes={name, ...}&sorted={key}&include-older-versions={true|false}
Path Style: http://ns1.emc.com/bucketname/?query={expression}&attributes={name, ...}&sorted={key}&include-older-versions={true|false}

Request Headers

x-amz-date optionalTimestamp of the request added by the requester. Example: Tue, 03 Sept 2013 12:00:00 GMT. If the Authorization header is specified, you must specify either the x-amz-date or the Date header. If both the headers are specified, the value of x-amz-date header is chosen.
Authorization requiredInformation needed to authenticate requests.


The following conditions must be met in order to call this operation.

  • BaseUrl used in a host-style request URL should be pre-configured using the ECS Management API or the ECS Portal (for example, emc.com in URL: bucketname.ns1.emc.com).

Response Body

Response indicating Success or Failure for this operation

Field Description Type Notes
<Name> Name of the bucket String
<NextMarker> The marker to use in order to request the next page of results String
<MaxKeys> The maximum number of keys that will be returned in the response. Integer
<ObjectMatches> container for matched records list
<object>     0-* Elements
<objectName> String
<objectId> String
<versionId> String
<queryMds>     0-* Elements
<mdMap> Map