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Get Alerts

GET /vdc/alerts

Gets the list of alerts Following filter could be used: start_time, end_time, namespace, severity, type limit and marker could be specified for pagination

Query Parameters

start_timeStart time for listing alerts
end_timeEnd time for listing alerts
namespaceNamespace for which alerts should be listed
markerReference to last alert returned
limitNumber of alerts requested in current fetch
severitySeverity of alerts to be listed
typeType of alerts to be listed

Required Roles


Response Body

List of alerts based on the given parameters

Field Description Type Notes
<alert>     0-* Elements
<id> Event id String
<type> alert type String
<severity> alert severity String
<userId> User id for this event String
<serviceType> Service type String
<resourceId> Resource id String
<timestamp> Event creating time of yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm format. String
<namespace> Namespace for this event String
<description> Description for this alert String
<acknowledged> acknowledgement state of alert Boolean
<MaxAlerts> Integer
<NextMarker> String