Methods Changed in Secret Key

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Changes to Create New Key For User

Creates a secret key for the specified user. If the user belongs to a namespace, the namespace must be supplied. When creating a new secret key, you may pass in an expiration time in minutes for the old key. During the expiration interval, both keys will be accepted for requests. This gives you a grace period where you can update applications to use the new key.

Request Payload Changes

Field Description Type Notes
<existing_key_expiry_time_mins> Expiry time/date for the secret key String
<namespace> Namespace for User qualifier if User Scope is NAMESPACE String
<secretkey> Secret key associated with this user. If not provided, system will generate one String

Response Payload Changes

Field Description Type Notes
<secret_key> Secret key String
<key_timestamp> Secret key creation timestamp String
<key_expiry_timestamp> Secret key expiry timestamp in ISO-8601 format String Valid Values:
  •  yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm'Z'