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API Changes : New Services

The following services have been added to the API in this release:

Name Context Description
Capacity /object/capacity API for retrieving the current managed capacity.
CLI Package /cli API to download ECS CLI package
Configuration Properties /config/object API for managing system configuration settings.
Temporary Failed Zone /tempfailedzone API for managing temp failed zones.
User CAS /object/user-cas API for creating and manipulating CAS specific data for a user
Call Home /vdc/callhome/ API for managing alerts and sending alerts to ConnectEMC for troubleshooting and debugging purposes.
Authentication Provider /vdc/admin/authnproviders API for provisioning and managing authentication providers.
Bucket /object/bucket API for provisioning and managing buckets.
Certificate /object-cert API for managing certificates.
Licensing /license API for managing ECS licenses.
User (Management) /vdc/users API for creating and managing local management users. These users can be assigned to VDC-wide management roles and are not associated with a namespace.
Events /vdc/events API for fetching audit alerts.
Namespace /object/namespaces API for provisioning and managing namespaces.
Node /vdc/nodes API for fetching data nodes in the cluster.
Billing /object/billing API for managing billing details.
Base URL /object/baseurl API for creating and managing a Base URL.

Base URL is used as part of the object address where virtual host style addressing is used and enables ECS to know which part
of the address refers to the bucket and, optionally, namespace.

For example, if you are using an addressing scheme that includes the namespace, so that you have addresses of the form:, you need to tell ECS that is the Base URL so that it knows that mybucket.mynamespace are the bucket and namespace
Storage Pool /vdc/data-services/varrays API for provisioning and managing storage pools.
Replication Group /vdc/data-service/vpools API for provisioning and managing replication groups.

Note: Replication group was previously known as "object virtual pool" and the API still uses the term "vpool"

Virtual Data Center /object/vdcs API for managing the attributes of a virtual data center (VDC).
S3 Ping Operation /
S3 Bucket Cors Operations / API to handle the S3 CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) configuration for a bucket.
S3 Data Node Operation / API to handle data node queries
S3 Options Operations / API to send a pre-flight request to determine if real request will succeed.
S3 Bucket Is Stale Allowed Operations / API to handle IsStaleAllowed operations for a bucket.
Dashboard /dashboard API to retrieve monitoring data for requests from the portal monitoring dashboard.