RSA Warranty and Replacement Parts

RSA SecurID Token Replacement and Disposal

Please read before returning tokens to RSA.


RSA warrantees all RSA SecurID tokens for the purchased lifecycle. Tokens will be replaced without charge if they no longer operate properly because of problems in materials or workmanship. Tokens will not be replaced without charge if damaged through neglect or abuse.

Your warranty does not cover damage, i.e. bent cases, damage by liquid, etc. A pants pocket or back-pocket wallet is not a good place to carry a RSA SecurID card. Similarly, storage on a car dashboard or in a glove compartment can subject the token to temperature extremes. Although reasonably rugged, RSA SecurID tokens should be treated with as much care as a precision device. For detailed coverage and tips on token storage, usage and care, inventory management, secure distribution and administration, and user responsibilities, refer to your instruction manual.

RSA SecurID Token Record Media Replacement Policy

RSA policy is that requests for RSA SecurID Token Record Media replacement will NOT be accepted beyond 150 days following the ORIGINAL order fulfillment (as defined by the ship date of the ORIGINAL order from RSA).


Before returning a token that appears to be working normally (still generating characters) but repeatedly results in Access Denied, check first that the token is enabled and assigned. Refer to your product’s instruction manual as necessary. Also, please put the token through New PIN procedure to ensure it is properly resynched.


The System Administrator at your company will return any non-expired tokens that no longer function properly to the Token Programming department at RSA. Receipt of your replacement tokens will depend on the replacement option selected by your system administrator and your company’s internal procedures. For security reasons, shipments are made only to the system administrator at an existing customer site. Please include as much detail about the problem as possible when requesting a replacement token.

If possible, reuse the packaging in which the tokens arrived, or use similar rigid packing (e.g., bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard). For a nominal fee, RSA will supply suitable materials. Contact your local sales representative for pricing and ordering information.

The customer is responsible for any return shipping charges.

Defective tokens returned to RSA become the property of RSA and will not be returned.

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