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banner-text-xtremio.png EMC XtremIO for Databases and Analytics All-Flash SCALE-OUT storage array for improved I/O performance

EMC XtremIO for Databases and Analytics

Provisioning storage for good database performance has traditionally been a complex, time-consuming process that requires expert knowledge of the database itself, not only of storage systems. EMC XtremIO all-flash arrays respond to changing conditions like transaction processing spikes, meeting the needs of complex queries and supporting test and development environments with up-to-date copies of production databases.

XtremIO All-flash arrays resolves database storage challenges by:

  • Provisioning with just a few clicks – Forget about choosing redundant array of independent disks (RAID) levels and figuring out how many spindles are needed to achieve the desired performance levels. Create a volume with just a few clicks and put the entire database structure in it.
  • Assured performance – XtremIO automatically employs all storage system resources—solid-state drive (SSDs) and controllers—all the time. Every volume enjoys the full performance of the system so that hot spots are a thing of the past.
  • Instantaneous, space-efficient, and performance-oriented copies – Gain better support of development and test requirements. Regardless of the number of database copies you need, they consume no additional space and all enjoy the full performance potential of the system.
  • Easy to scale – If your requirements exceed what a single XtremIO building block can do, simply scale out the XtremIO system, and the additional resources deliver even more performance.
  • Licensing costs in check – XtremIO thrives on random I/O workloads, allowing you to virtualize even performance-oriented databases so that you can consolidate database servers and reduce licensing costs.  Plus, XtremIO's low-latency helps drive server CPU utilization higher, reducing the number of cores (and their associated databases licenses) needed to do the job.
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