Symmetrix Management Console and Symmetrix Performance Analyzer

EMC Symmetrix Management Console and Symmetrix Performance Analyzer simplify management and provide advanced monitoring capabilities for Symmetrix environments. 

Symmetrix Management Console is an intuitive, browser-based graphical interface for performance device management on Symmetrix systems. It can be hosted on a small Windows server and accessed via a Web browser anywhere in the world. Symmetrix Management Console’s lightweight architecture is an ideal graphical complement to the command line interface (CLI). Symmetrix Management Console and EMC Ionix ControlCenter Symmetrix Manager are sold together in the Symmetrix Management bundle. Both products can perform device management of the Symmetrix system simultaneously.

Symmetrix Performance Analyzer is an automated monitoring and trending tool launched through Symmetrix Management Console to assist in long-term planning, diagnostic drill down to identify performance issues root causes, and real-time monitoring. It provides intuitive analysis of key performance indicators at the application level to optimize performance and improve utilization of your Symmetrix environment.