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EMC VMAX 20K Bundled Software

In addition to the core Enginuity software installed with each array, available software bundles make it easy to buy the most popular software for the VMAX 20K.

  • Advanced SRDF Suite
    Leverage SRDF Star for mission-critical environments that require application consistency for federated data sets and flexible deployment options with multi-site VMAX configurations.
  • FAST™ Suite
    FAST™ and FAST™ VP software dynamically optimizes performance in a tiered storage environment, reducing cost, footprint, and management. Automatically moves data to the correct storage tier to lower storage costs and improve service levels.
  • Mainframe Essentials Suite
    Benefit from Compatible PAV, HyperPAV, and High Performance FICON and maximize VMAX value in mainframe environments.
  • ProSphere Suite
    ProSphere, ControlCenter, Performance Manager, SAN Manager, and StorageScope deliver a complete storage management view into hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • SRDF Replication Suite
    SRDF/S, SRDF/A, SRDF/AR and SRDF Compatible Peer is the industry’s most trusted remote replication and disaster restart solution.
  • TimeFinder Replication Suite
    Leverage TimeFinder VP Snap, Snap, Clone, and Compatible Native Flash for the industry’s most trusted local replication protection and operational recovery solution.
  • Unisphere for VMAX Suite
    Unisphere for VMAX, Symmetrix Manager, and EzSM simplify management and help monitor performance through an easy-to-use, intuitive management framework.
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