Migration to Symmetrix VMAX

VMAX customers have choice and flexibility for migrations in both open systems and mainframe environments. By enabling customers to perform migrations at the host or array level depending on their specific requirements, EMC offers the broadest set of migration options to help customers rapidly realize the performance and efficiency benefits of the VMAX family in the virtual data center. The migration options to migrate to the VMAX are as follows:

  • Open Replicator for Symmetrix – Heterogeneous, open-systems array-based migration
  • Federated Live Migration (FLM) – FLM using Open Replicator non-disruptively migrates workloads and redirects/hosts to the VMAX
  • z/OS Migrator – Non-disruptive migration for mainframe environments at the volume or dataset level
  • SRDF/DM – High performance Symmetrix to Symmetrix migration
  • Open Migrator – Host-based open systems data migration