Symmetrix ATSM

EMC Symmetrix Advanced Tiered Storage Management (ATSM) is a bundled suite of software that optimizes storage resources and improves capacity utilization in a consolidated and tiered Symmetrix environment. ATSM helps customers improve service levels where resources are shared across multiple applications. The ATSM bundle includes the following software:

Symmetrix Dynamic Cache Partitioning (DCP) – Optimize cache resources across applications in a Symmetrix environment.

Symmetrix Priority Controls (SPC) – Optimize multiple application workloads by preferentially allocating drive resources to higher-tier applications.

Virtual Provisioning – Improve capacity utilization and performance and simplify storage management by allocating storage as needed to applications. Also known in the industry as “Thin Provisioning.”

Optimizer – Achieve balance and improve array performance within a disk group by continuously monitoring and automatically moving devices across drives.

Virtual LUN Technology (VLUN) – Improve performance by relocating devices across different drive and protection types, non-disruptively to replication and applications.