EMC ScaleIO for High-performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) environments are typical in a variety of industries—oil and gas, financial services, and pharmaceuticals, to name just a few. With compute farms of hundreds or thousands of nodes, HPC applications perform many concurrent, multithreaded, multiclient data access operations, resulting in massively parallel workloads that require cross node data sharing. Moreover, rates at which data is loaded typically fluctuate unpredictably. EMC ScaleIO for High-Performance Computing is an ideal storage foundation for such applications.

In HPC, every budget dollar not spent on compute power has a negative impact on profit. The demanding large-scale characteristics of HPC require traditional storage area network (SAN) storage and fabric that are typically complex and costly—at the expense of compute nodes and the bottom line.

ScaleIO, Ideal HPC Storage

For HPC environments, EMC ScaleIO provides ideal storage. ScaleIO provides capabilities similar to those of traditional storage along with the following benefits:

  • Performance and capacity increase linearly with the addition of compute nodes and disks
  • ScaleIO scales out to hundreds and thousands of compute nodes
  • Elasticity enables you to seamlessly add, move, and remove compute nodes on the fly during I/O operations
  • Parallel architecture supports massive, fluctuating, concurrent I/O workloads across many compute nodes
  • Self-healing functionality makes labor-intensive storage tasks a thing of the past

With all these capabilities, ScaleIO cuts HPC storage costs by more than 80 percent, delivering a direct savings of over 28 percent on an organization’s total IT budget. This savings can now be allocated to the purchase of more compute nodes—reducing your time to market and increasing your bottom line.