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EMC Isilon SmartPools

Isilon SmartPools

EMC Isilon SmartPools software enables you to optimize your scale-out storage resources using a next-generation approach to storage tiering with unprecedented flexibility, granularity, and ease of data and storage management.

Automated Storage Tiering

With SmartPools, you can use a policy-based approach to manage data and move it automatically across multiple tiers of Isilon scale-out storage including EMC Isilon S-Series, EMC Isilon X-Series, and EMC Isilon NL-Series nodes based on your specific data storage requirements. This enables you to use the right storage resources for your specific workflow and data management requirements—automatically and transparently.


SmartPools enables you to seamlessly adapt and respond to workflow changes and demands for new capacity without affecting applications or workflows. And, with Isilon scale-out storage, you can add capacity and/or performance on demand in 60 seconds, enabling seamless expansion of any tier.

Optimized Storage

Define the relative value and criticality of specific data sets and automatically move them to the appropriate storage tiers based on your specifications. With SmartPools, you can also select policies to move data among price/performance tiers over specified time periods. This enables you to automatically move inactive data to the most cost-effective storage tier while utilizing your high performance storage resources for your most demanding workflows.


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