Learn more about Isilon scale-out storage for Big Data

EMC Isilon

Simplify data storage with a highly efficient and reliable scale-out architecture that enables rapid scaling of both capacity and performance.

Learn how you can manage Big Data in the cloud with EMC Atmos

EMC Atmos

Efficiently manage and distribute information across geographies with a highly scalable, purpose-built cloud storage system.

Learn how Greenplum is the Answer to Agile

EMC Greenplum

Realize the full promise of business agility to become data-driven, predictive enterprises.

Learn more about Documentum xCP

EMC Documentum xCP

Rapidly compose and deliver Big Data-enabled applications in a fraction of the time.

Transform Big Data Into Big Opportunity What Others Say Learn More

EMC's Big Data solution accelerates your business transformation. EMC's cost-efficient, scale-out IT infrastructure allows organizations to access broad data sources, collaborate and execute real-time analysis, and drive actionable insight.

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  • Greenplum UAP

    Fusing the co-processing of structured and unstructured data with a productivity engine to empower data science teams

  • Greenplum Database

    Leverage an industry-leading massively parallel processing (MPP) database, built to support the next generation of big data warehousing and analytics, capable of storing and analyzing multiple petabytes of data.

  • Greenplum HD

    Enable innovations such as real-time data interaction, greater reliability, and easier Hadoop deployment and use with Greenplum HD.

  • Greenplum Analytics Lab

    Bring Greenplum Data Scientists to your site to help you develop an analytics roadmap and quickly drive results through data studies, analyiss and model development

  • Greenplum Chorus

    Take advantage of our productivity engine for data science teams, empowering people within an enterprise to more easily collaborate and derive insight from their data--whether it's big, small, structured, or unstructured.

  • Greenplum Data Computing Appliance

    Combine a shared-nothing, MPP relational database with enterprise-class Apache Hadoop through the revolutionary modular architecture of the industry's first complete big data analytics platform.


  • EMC Atmos

    Efficiently manage and distribute information across geographies with a highly scalable, purpose-built cloud storage system.

  • EMC Atmos Virtual Edition

    Extend existing or new VMware-certified storage with all the capabilities of Atmos cloud storage.

  • EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform

    Deliver and manage storage-as-a-service.

  • EMC Atmos GeoDrive

    Provide instant cloud access for Microsoft Windows and Linux users.

  • EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS

    Simplify data storage with a highly efficient and reliable scale-out architecture that enables rapid scaling of both capacity and performance.

  • EMC Isilon OneFS Operating System

    Provide linear scalability of performance and capacity, with simplified management and mission-critical reliability for large, growing data repositories.

  • EMC Isilon Scale-Out Platform Nodes

    Increase performance of file-based applications, from high performance, I/O-intensive, to primary and secondary storage with a single file system architecture.

  • EMC Isilon S-Series Platform Nodes

    Accelerate your business with ultra-fast primary storage for mission critical, high transactional, and random access file-based applications.

  • EMC Isilon X-Series Platform Nodes

    Reduce costs dramatically and simplify management for high-concurrent and sequential throughput applications while speeding access to massive amounts of data.

  • EMC Isilon NL-Series Platform Nodes

    Provide a cost effective way to ensure quick access to aging data while improving data backup, archiving, and protection strategies.

  • EMC Isilon Accelerator Node

    Deliver high performance and reliability by accelerating cluster operations including disk and node rebuilds, file striping, and file-based replication.

  • EMC Isilon Backup Accelerator Node

    Reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of downtime associated with traditional back-up operations.

  • EMC Isilon Capacity Extension Nodes

    Extend the capacity of your Isilon scale-out platform with EMC Isilon EX 6000 or EX 12000 storage expansion nodes.

  • EMC Isilon Application Software

    Meet critical data protection, access, management and availability needs with the first suite of scale-out NAS software applications for the enterprise.

  • EMC Isilon SmartPools

    Implement a highly efficient, automated tiered storage strategy to optimize storage performance and costs for your scale-out NAS environment.

  • EMC Isilon InsightIQ

    Maximize performance of your Isilon scale-out storage system with innovative performance monitoring and reporting tools.

  • EMC Isilon SmartLock

    Protect your critical data against accidental, premature or malicious alteration or deletion with our software-based approach to Write Once Read Many (WORM).

  • EMC Isilon SyncIQ

    Replicate and distribute large, mission-critical data sets to multiple shared storage systems in multiple sites for reliable disaster recovery capability.

  • EMC Isilon SmartConnect

    Enable client connection load balancing and dynamic NFS failover and failback of client connections across storage nodes to optimize use of cluster resources.

  • EMC Isilon SnapShotIQ

    Protect data efficiently and reliably with secure, near instantaneous snapshots while incurring little to no performance overhead.

  • EMC Isilon SmartQuotas

    Assign and manage quotas that seamlessly partition storage into easily managed segments at the cluster, directory, sub-directory, user, and group levels.


Business value and advantage are created when organizations can use information to drive faster and more accurate decisions in an automated manner.

  • EMC Documentum xCP

    EMC Documentum xCP allows organizations to rapidly compose and deliver Big Data-enabled applications that help turn insight into business action.