Atmos Cloud Storage Platform

EMC Atmos provides a wide range of software and hardware options to match size, feature, and location requirements. 

EMC Atmos Software Offers

  • Cloud architecture for efficient object storage, protection, and access across distributed systems
  • Single system that’s active across locations
  • Seamless scalability to easily add capacity, applications, tenants, and users
  • Easy access across networks and platforms
  • Automated data placement, protection, and services
  • Central management and provisioning across the entire storage cloud
  • Multi-tenancy, metering, and self-service across tenants 
Choose from Three Atmos Software Packages 

  • Atmos CE:  Complete Edition provides full Atmos functionality designed for distributed locations including: multi-site active/active, multi-tenancy, full policy controls. Deployed on Atmos hardware.

  • Atmos LE:  Light Edition offers a subset of Atmos functionality to meet cloud archive and centralized data centers including: 2 sites, 1 tenant / 1 subtenant, limited policy controls. Deployed on Atmos hardware.

  • Atmos VE:  Virtual Edition provides full Atmos functionality of Atmos deployed on any VMware-certified third-party storage, including: EMC Celerra, CLARiiON, Symmetrix, VNX, VNXe, and Isilon.  
Deploy on Purpose-built Atmos Hardware 

Atmos provides three purpose-built storage systems: small/medium compute, large/dense compute, and dense capacity. All Atmos systems use Intel processors, include 3TB drives, and use standard racked, cabled, and configured components.

  • Atmos WS2-120:40U standard rack solution, up to 8 nodes/120 disks, 360TB

  • Atmos WS2-240:44U dense rack solution up to 16 nodes/240 disks up 720TB

  • Atmos G3-Dense-480:  40U dense rack solution up to 8 nodes/480 disks up to 1.44PB