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Constituent Communications

Efficiently create, track, manage, and distribute personalized, accurate outbound communications.

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Constituent Communications solutions easily automate the correspondence process, generating customized and compliant communications. EMC and partners offer Constituent Communications solutions, which include a web-based interface that produces personalized communications in batch and real time, for distribution through print, e-mail, and the Web.

These solutions include the EMC Document SciencesxPression suite, which delivers a dynamic content-publishing platform that integrates with existing workflows to create and deliver real-time and high-volume communications customized for each recipient. It also facilitates workflow routing and approval, access to libraries of reusable content, edit and review capabilities, records management and archiving.

Key Benefits

  • Responsiveness — Speed delivery and improve impact of communications.

  • Enabled business users — Easily access a repository of pre-approved letters.

  • Reduced costs — Lower postage and handling costs with electronic delivery options.

  • Faster end-to-end Process — Approval and distribution options to ensure letters are reviewed prior to distribution. Faster turnaround times and improved accuracy.

  • Greater constituent satisfaction — Improve constituent communications with automated workflows and management reporting.

EMC will help you build your solution with the following products, services, and partners:
  • Document Sciences xPression - EMC Document Sciences has helped successful organizations to consolidate their document generation technologies, speed up document design, reduce costs, enhance quality, and increase their competitive advantage.
  • Documentum eRoom - Enable distributed teams to work together more efficiently to optimize business processes and streamline decision-making.
    • Crown Partners
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