Preventative Measures

The preventative security controls that most organizations have primarily invested in are often bypassed by today's advanced attacks, leaving them vulnerable. Defending against these sophisticated attacks requires a shift in security investments from prevention to a balanced mix of prevention, detection, and response. The challenge organizations face is how to make this shift given limited resources and expertise. The solution starts with knowledge, experience, and a willingness to adapt to the evolving threat environment.

The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice leads the way in helping organizations protect the IT assets that have the highest value and thus the likely object of targeted attacks. After optimizing the use of preventative controls, the defensive goal is two-fold: to reduce both the breach time windows—the "free time" or "dwell time" an attacker has in an organization's infrastructure—and the time it takes the organization to execute an appropriate response.

The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense practice helps organizations to unify their security strategy, operations, and technology implementations and produce an actionable security improvement plan that enables them to:

  • Enhance their security posture
  • Prepare for and respond to security incidents and evolve in line with the threat environment
  • Develop strategies and tactics for building and improving their security operation programs, with a special focus on designing and optimizing security operations centers (SOCs)
  • Layer in advanced capabilities such as intelligence and analytics to develop a more agile and proactive security monitoring function