RSA Program for NextGen SOC

Holistic approach to protect the organizational mission, drive operational efficiencies, and evolve with the threat environment by integrating the People, Process, and Technology components of a NextGen SOC within a unified program and aligns risk management and business objectives.

Icon: Proactive Intelligence

Proactive Intelligence

RSA helps customers to manage the risks associated with targeted attacks by delivering solutions which facilitate actionable intelligence.
Icon: Breach Exposure Time

Breach Exposure Time

Adversaries use techniques that are specifically designed to defeat traditional security defenses and operate in stealth mode. After establishing a foothold, they often dwell in the environment for prolonged periods of time.
Icon: Preventing Exfiltration

Preventing Exfiltration

Early detection and analysis of attack activity is critical to prevent an intrusion from becoming a material breach of security. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to address the risks presented by targeted attacks.
Icon: Programmatic Approach

Programmatic Approach

Additional countermeasures are required to complement traditional security defense capabilities. These efforts need to be managed within a holistic program that aligns risk management and business objectives.