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Tiered Storage Services

Maximize storage area network and network-attached storage performance and drive data center efficiency.
Tiered Storage Services

Tiered Storage Services help realize the maximum return from EMC Symmetrix, EMC Unified, and other EMC storage infrastructure investments. We provide the people, processes, and tools to optimize your storage area network and network-attached storage performance, ensure business continuity, execute data migrations, and efficiently deliver data center services to enable business objectives.

What we deliver
  • Clear assessments of business and storage requirements, capabilities, and solution recommendations.
  • Storage system design and implementations that drive early system success.
  • Storage infrastructure Health Checks, with prioritized recommendations for optimizing performance.
  • System and data migrations that minimize risk and downtime.

Assessment services for tiered storage

A detailed understanding of infrastructure and technical needs is critical to effectively addressing new opportunities, reducing risk, and controlling cost. EMC Tiered Storage Assessments evaluate the performance, availability, and reliability of your storage infrastructure, and recommend solutions to meet your specific business and technical needs.

Design and implementation services for tiered storage

Tiered storage design and implementation services are available as custom or fixed-scope engagements. Leveraging proven methodologies and best practices, these services deliver outstanding data center design, accelerate your storage implementations, and help ensure that your storage infrastructure quickly delivers on business goals and objectives.

Migration services for tiered storage

EMC expertly designs, plans, and executes more that 1 petabyte of data migrations every month, and we are constantly developing and improving our migration tool suite. We leverage this experience and technology to help each customer execute efficient data center migrations with the lowest possible risk of data loss or service disruption.

Optimization and validation services for tiered storage

Keeping storage infrastructure operating at peak performance and efficiency is an ongoing process. Tiered storage Health Checks proactively identify availability, capacity, and configuration issues to keep your information infrastructure operating at peak performance, allowing you to efficiently manage ongoing business and data center changes.

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