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				  Business Continuity
Continuous Availability Advisory Services

Descriptive Info

EMC Global Services will help you create a new approach to ensuring the availability of your applications and data—one that can eliminate downtime and reduce operating expense.

With proven expertise in business process, application availability, and technology enablement, EMC Global Services will chart your journey to Continuous Availability by:

  • Planning your availability transformation
  • Analyzing your current state
  • Assessing your Continuous Availability readiness
  • Identifying infrastructure requirements
  • Designing the solution architecture
  • Performing a cost/benefit analysis


Keeping pace with growing availability demands poses new challenges:

  • Existing solutions are complex and costly to maintain.
  • The traditional disaster recovery approach is not able to support fully the current global 24X7 processing requirements.

Because of these evolving issues, it may be time to think differently about how you protect the critical assets in your enterprise.

Our Approach

Our Continuous Availability approach uses off-the-shelf technologies to exceed traditional high availability and disaster recovery methods. We enable you to:

  • Achieve an always-on posture in a multitude of scenarios.
  • Take advantage of modern capacity planning and fractional provisioning methods.
  • Drastically reduce operating expenses associated with application and infrastructure availability.

Measurable Outcomes

By implementing EMC Global Services Availability Advisory Services, you will:

  • Improve availability.
  • Reduce server count.
  • Lower the costs of licensing, operations, and maintenance.
  • Eliminate idle disaster recovery assets.
  • Reduce fail-over time between sites in your current infrastructure.

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