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Cloud Strategy
Trusted Cloud Strategy

A successful transition to cloud computing requires clearly defining cloud security architectures that address existing security and compliance requirements with new policies, processes, and technology—before business adoption of the cloud exposes information assets to potential risks.

EMC Consulting security experts help you to create a successful trusted cloud strategy by:

  • Governing, protecting, and securing your information
  • Demonstrating compliance with laws and policy
  • Ensuring business continuity and resiliency
  • Securing against cyber attacks and fraud
  • Determining the most secure cloud deployment models
  • Implementing coherent risk management and governance

EMC Consulting helps you to devise the strategies you need to create and implement a trusted cloud program. We perform a comprehensive review and analysis of your environment to facilitate trust in the cloud through improved visibility and control of your next-generation data center.

EMC Consulting helps you to:

  • Identify and classify sensitive information
  • Secure identities across cloud deployments
  • Assess cloud trust levels of target service providers
  • Develop an information policy to ensure aligned data management and stewardship
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Once your cloud strategies are in place, EMC Consulting helps you to architect a secure environment across all layers of the stack. We enable you to establish a center of excellence to ensure that best practices are used to maintain a secure and trusted cloud environment.

EMC Consulting security experts help you to:

  • Manage fraud, threats, incidents, and vulnerabilities
  • Consolidate the trust process across third parties and cloud providers
  • Streamline information and risk governance across third parties and the cloud
  • Launch new initiatives, products, and services using cloud models
  • Provide a clear view of risks, compliance requirements, and opportunities while deploying cloud models


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