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Risk Management and Compliance
Fraud and Identity Management

EMC Consulting assists you in developing strong authentication supported by fraud and threat mitigation strategies across the enterprise and beyond while minimizing impact on day-to-day operations.

EMC Consulting certified security experts help you to:

  • Lower fraud loses and operational costs while securing your environment
  • Ensure efficiency of internal fraud operations
  • Leverage extensive security and risk management experience to define the right approach to fraud and identity management
Descriptive Info

As fraud and cybercrime threats are increasingly affecting businesses, EMC Consulting offers an agile, comprehensive approach for improving fraud operations, safeguarding intellectual properties, and protecting identities.

By leveraging expert knowledge, repeatable best practices, and insight into emerging risks, EMC Consulting helps you to:

  • Move your fraud programs and security posture to the next level and gain a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Stay abreast of new regulations, policies, and procedures being established for fraud operations
  • Secure critical information assets and online identities wherever they live and at every step of the way
  • Manage security information and events to ease the burden of compliance
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