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Assured Availability
Assured Availability

Tackle the challenges of rapidly changing availability demands with the help of EMC Consulting. EMC is ready to apply our experience in the design, implementation, and management of highly available and rapidly recoverable solutions to support your journey to the next generation of availability.

EMC Consulting's Assured Availability Services are designed to meet clients wherever they are. Whether you are seeking to improve your availability posture, reduce your availability costs, or newly establish your availability capabilities, EMC's Assured Availability Services offer:

  • A proven approach to assured availability based on industry best practices
  • A consistent and repeatable process to support the entire availability lifecycle
  • A scalable engagement model that can adapt to your availability goals
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EMC Consulting provides a consolidated approach to high availability and disaster recovery to help ensure your business continuity.

We help you build confidence in your approach to a multitude of downtime scenarios, including scheduled and unscheduled events, and gain a broad view of your organization's preparedness, so you can plan for your desired future state.

EMC Consulting Assured Availability experts help you:

  • Eliminate or minimize expensive downtime.
  • Do away with or limit the business impact of outages and catastrophic events.
  • Achieve 24-hour availability for your global business processes.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Align infrastructure to required service levels.
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