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Achieving Product Leadership
Achieving Product Leadership

Taking your product from idea to revenue realization involves discipline, agility, and efficiency in your business processes. Each industry presents different challenges. What works for one organization may not be right for another.

EMC Consulting combines leadership in information management with industry-specific expertise to help you bring innovative products, solutions, and services to market quickly and effectively by focusing on the specific challenges of your industry.

Capitalize on New Business Opportunities

Next-generation networks are challenging established methods for the creation, distribution, and monetization of media products and services. With the surge in online video consumption and the increasing adoption of highly developed mobile hardware, media companies need smart, new solutions and innovative technologies to continue delivering content in compelling ways.

In this dynamic world, the competition for customer loyalty is fast-paced, fierce, and unrelenting. To achieve return on investment (ROI) targets, companies must develop winning portfolios of products and services to attract and retain customers.

Our Perspective

EMC Consulting recommends a structured approach to new product development. Companies must consider not only feature/function definition, but also the downstream implications of delivery platform architecture, business processes, and revenue capture systems.

A thorough evaluation of technologies and available solutions can help you develop new services quickly and effectively including targeted, contextual content that increases satisfaction and loyalty as well as ROI. At the same time, careful analysis of options can decrease the risk of investing in business models or technologies the market won't adopt.

What We Offer
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  • Product Innovation
    Bring to market innovative products and services that attract new customers and increase customer retention.
Achieve Faster Time to Market

Success in the Life Sciences industry depends on getting new products to market quickly and cost effectively. Organizations must master clinical development and regulatory submission processes to recoup their R&D investments over the relatively short lifespan of patents. They must also build strong relationships with the provider community.

Our Perspective

EMC recommends that companies examine their end-to-end development processes to identify process bottlenecks, eliminate waste, and drive down cycle times. Moving new products through development quickly requires a new approach to process optimization and execution.

A value-stream approach to analyzing clinical processes enables you to streamline operations. The strategic use of information and information technology reduces cycle times and improves the flow of communication with investigators and regulatory bodies. Leveraging technology and information at critical steps in the process improves productivity and speeds up time-to-market.

What We Offer
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  • Research and Development
    Optimize R&D spending by improving the efficiency of product development organizations.
  • Information-driven Sales Strategy
    Manage comprehensive product launch processes, post-approval clinical research, medical science liaison activities, medical publications, and professional and consumer contact center operations.
Develop an Effective Product Launch Program

Increasingly sophisticated financial innovation has led to greater complexity of products and services in the financial services marketplace. It has also shortened product lifecycles. Many new products fail to meet revenue expectations, while others succeed at the expense of older revenue streams. The result? Effective product launch programs are vital to success in the financial services industry.

Our Perspective

EMC Consulting helps firms segment the market, assess client needs, and carefully screen product and service concepts for projected market-share penetration. At the same time, we help firms avoid cannibalizing existing offerings.

When bringing new offerings to market, you increase the chances of success by following a well-developed launch process. You must tailor the launch process to the needs and expectations of the business. At the same time, you must understand how to capitalize on opportunities while addressing challenges related to your most valuable asset—information.

What We Offer
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  • Product Launch
    Launch your product with an optimized approach that fits your needs and your time-to-market constraints while mitigating risk.
Meet the Challenges Ahead

In an increasingly multi-channel world, retailers face a growing number of challenges, including the need to:

  • Comply with changing regulations and compliance.
  • Develop relevant and effective eCommerce channels.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Create unique customer experiences.
  • Increase ROI while optimizing existing investments.
Our Perspective

What will define the retail success stories of the future? The ability to identify the right products, bring them to market ever faster, monitor their performance, and adapt them quickly to changing conditions.

As a result, information and the management and analysis of it will grow in importance for retailers. In fact, it will enable retailers to make key strategic decisions with the most relevant knowledge at their fingertips at all times.

EMC Consulting works with a range of clients to help them understand the right mix of digital channels, create experiences that appeal to demanding customers, and define long-term technology vision within a rapidly changing landscape.

Optimize Your Assets through Increased Efficiencies.

When incorporating new processes and technologies, energy companies require a clear roadmap to reduce costs, increase brand loyalty, and boost operational performance. Otherwise, they risk both confusion and missed opportunities.

Our Perspective

We work with you to ensure you can access information in a timely and accurate manner—and are able to manage challenges before they become problems. Early identification of management issues or poor performance is essential for regulatory reporting.

Optimizing your current technologies can lead to increased efficiencies and reliable processes across the enterprise, whether it’s for smart metering, call centers, customer self-service, or day-to-day operations.

What We Offer
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  • User Experience and Information Architecture
    Cut transaction time, improve productivity, and save costs with easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces. EMC consultants create designs that enable users to quickly accomplish tasks and access information.
  • Business Intelligence System Development
    Improve decision-making by tapping into disparate data sources to provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.
  • Portal and Collaboration System Development
    Capitalize on our expertise in business process analysis, user experience design, and technical infrastructure to convert your strategic vision for collaboration into an intuitive, easy-to-use system.
  • Well Lifecycle Automation
    Automate well lifecycle processes using a single portal and cut time-to-production. This offering improves collaboration, expedites decision making, and increases efficiencies.


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