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				  Strategy for Remote Office Infrastructure
Strategy for Remote Office Infrastructure


EMC Strategy for Remote Office Infrastructure enables you to manage risk, cost, and performance across a distributed enterprise. Our consultants provide a strategy that encompasses people, process, and technology. We help you optimize your remote infrastructure to meet demanding service-level requirements.


Increasing amounts of corporate data reside at remote offices, which often fail to incorporate data center best practices into their IT operations. EMC can help mitigate risk by improving your:

  • Remote infrastructure architecture.
  • IT best practices at remote locations.
  • Operational and cost efficiency in branch offices.
  • Asset utilization at remote sites.
  • Backup/recovery strategies.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting provides an actionable roadmap for transforming remote locations from cost centers into strategic assets. To deliver on that promise, we apply our:

  • Remote office maturity model to assess gaps between current and desired states.
  • Enterprise expertise to prepare you for a distributed workforce model.
  • Infrastructure and networking methodologies and best practices.

Measurable Outcomes

To achieve your desired outcomes, we apply our enterprise, infrastructure, and networking expertise, along with IT best practices to:

  • Create a comprehensive strategy with an executable roadmap.
  • Raise both application and network service levels.
  • Quantify and extend the return on investment (ROI) of your remote infrastructure.
  • Increase operational agility by aligning remote office service levels with enterprise standards.
  • Deliver enterprise best practices to the edge.

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