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				  Infrastructure Consolidation Consulting
Infrastructure Consolidation Consulting

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Data Center Consolidation and Migration Services from EMC Consulting help you to streamline your information infrastructure and consolidate, relocate, and decommission obsolete data centers.

You can also realize cost and service delivery benefits as well as prepare a foundation for private cloud architecture.


The challenges you face as you begin to rethink your information infrastructure are significant. They include:

  • IT infrastructures that have reached capacity
  • Costs related to facilities and data center sprawl and the overall data center total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Insufficient in-house resources necessary to manage "as usual," nonbusiness activities such as performing a data center migration
  • Reduction of infrastructure and energy footprint

Our Approach

EMC Consulting uses migration methodology that's business- and application-centric, minimizing downtime and delivering zero data loss. EMC's approach helps you to:

  • Build program management that ensures the right level of business engagement and executive governance
  • Focus on application uptime with our information-centric approach
  • Develop a strategy to build an architecture that meets business needs
  • Tailor data center operations, facilities, and energy efficiency services to meet your needs
  • Decommission with change management processes to assure business oversight and provide security

Measurable Outcomes

EMC consultants analyze and align IT and business objectives and all supporting components to realize your data center consolidation goals. Our approach enables your organization to:

  • Increase the rate of return on infrastructure investment
  • Achieve greater operational agility with a streamlined, easier-to-manage infrastructure
  • Meet demanding service-level requirements cost effectively
  • Decrease your data footprint and energy consumption

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