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				  Business Continuity Consulting
Business Continuity Consulting

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EMC Business Continuity Consulting services protect your critical business functions by developing and strengthening your high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. EMC has delivered hundreds of successful business continuity engagements using a proven methodology focusing on people, process, and technology.


Enterprises face rising demand for improved availability of critical business processes while needing to hold down costs. Understanding stakeholder expectations and cost/benefit tradeoffs helps you to:

  • Address availability and disaster recovery service level requirements.
  • Mitigate the risk of increasing reliance on technology.
  • Define processes and procedures to ensure recovery following an outage. 
  • Recover interdependent business systems to a consistent point in time.
  • Establish an ongoing business continuity program.

Our Approach

EMC Business Continuity consultants carefully analyze business processes to develop your organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery program. EMC helps identify business requirements for recovery and generate measurable results. We work with you to:

  • Discover and understand your business requirements and recovery strategy.
  • Utilize industry best practices and tools in business continuity planning.
  • Develop and implement effective recovery infrastructure.
  • Research and evaluate alternative recovery technologies while leveraging your existing assets and resources.
  • Document, validate, and test disaster recovery plans.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Business Continuity consultants will:

  • Identify the specific recovery requirements of your business and application stakeholders.
  • Assure that your availability and recovery solution meets your service-level and cost requirements.
  • Leverage the right mix of technology, processes, and people to recover from planned and unplanned outages.
  • Document the actions and responsibilities needed to respond to an outage.
  • Validate that the solution meets your recovery requirements and can be executed in case of a disaster.

Related Offerings
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  • Business Continuity Assessments

    Assess your current business continuity program, including your ability to validate current RTO/RPO service levels, meet business requirements, and recover from an outage using existing capability.

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

    Measure the impact of lost business functions to your operations, finances, and reputation. Understand relationships between business recovery requirements and potential disaster recovery investments.

  • Strategy Alternatives

    Develop a recovery service catalog and recommend alternatives, high-level implementation plan, technical architectures, high-level cost and benefits for each alternative.

  • Recovery Plan Development and Testing

    Develop up-to-date documentation, procedures, and scripts for exercising recovery capability. Provide a thorough, systematic, and repeatable process for testing your disaster recovery capability.

  • Managed Availability Services
    Manage your availability and recovery by continuously maintaining and measuring your business continuity program and leveraging industry best practices.


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