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Integrate your enterprise content management (ECM) applications, processes, and platforms to better adapt to changing business conditions.
ECM Integration and Interoperability

Business operations often rely on common enterprise applications. While they may streamline functional processes, they can also create information silos and redundancy across operational lines. Such inefficiencies can be costly in terms of interoperability, extensibility, scalability and security.

Productivity and effectiveness improves significantly when business applications are structured within an ECM integration framework to:

  • Enhance secure archiving of metadata, content, and attachments among various email environments.
  • Streamline business processes by matching application data and content through active workflows.
  • Improve customer responsiveness by linking application data and external content to reduce access time.
  • Leverage the value of client software by linking ECM functionality to end-user application processes.
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Efficiency and compliance in your SAP Business Suite can improve by integrating it with ECM platform, process automation, and archiving capabilities. ECM integration delivers more intelligent content throughout business lifecycles, and streamlines secure access to information going to and from SAP.

Extending the interoperability between your ECM and SAP platforms provides:

  • Lower cost and compliance risk via content optimization and tiered archiving
  • Greater workflow efficiency via electronic capture for processing in SAP
  • Higher workforce productivity via  automated data entry and exchange
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Microsoft SharePoint has been widely adopted by companies of all types, enabling users to locate, access, collaborate, and act on critical business information. The need for a supporting ECM platform to manage business processes, compliance, and archiving information requirements is well-documented.

For knowledge workers who need basic ECM integration to support their business requirements, SharePoint provides an excellent interface and framework within which check-in, check-out, renditioning, and similar ECM operations are readily available via out-of-the-box software options.

For process workers with complex integration needs, who process higher content volumes or require a more customizable interface, an extensible tool is essential. Our SharePoint Documentum Framework is a component-based architecture that maximizes the agility of Documentum SharePoint integration.

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Most businesses have been forced to deal with the proliferation of email content as a major, unstructured component of their information infrastructure. Lotus Domino users are no exception. Controlling email use and its associated storage costs are a common business challenge.

When supported with a robust set of ECM capabilities, Lotus Domino environments can be more centrally managed with greater cost-effectiveness. Users retain a familiar interface, but gain the ability to browse, archive, search, and drag-and-drop email content from within a rich ECM platform.

Our Lotus Domino integration consists of a framework of web services for EMC Documentum that enable ECM integration, synchronization, migration, and search services between platforms. This SOA approach helps to reduce redundancy and facilitate exchange of content between users of both platforms.

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The ability to interconnect business applications has long been a goal of IT organizations. Evolving and standardizing on a service-oriented architecture to support this requirement has dramatically improved the efficiency and agility of these applications while optimizing IT resources.

Supporting interconnected business applications on a common ECM platform further improves the efficiency of business content and processes in an SOA environment. We architect solutions with an ECM services model to expand the benefits of SOA to your business content at every lifecycle stage.

SOA and ECM help IT to enhance business agility by adding real value to the processes and content that drive bottom-line results. Our services-oriented expertise can enable lower cost, less risk, and more process-driven application efficiency in your organization.

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  • ECM Application Integration
    Achieve interoperability between enterprise applications and the Documentum enterprise content management platform. Use Documentum Foundation Services Extensions (DSFX) to reduce content redundancy and facilitate business information exchange.


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