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Business Intelligence and Analytics - Data Warehouse
Business Intelligence and Analytics

Whether your goal is to anticipate customer needs, optimize operations, or maximize the value of your investments, the first step is to gather critical business intelligence. However, to do this you need more than technology—you need deep business and market knowledge as well as industry expertise.

To define and deliver metrics that guide strategic decision-making at the enterprise or departmental level, EMC Consulting uses a range of methods, including:

  • Qualitative and quantitative market and user research
  • Trends analysis
  • Goal-based metric modeling
  • Balanced scorecards

The intelligence gained must then be shared with decision makers in a way that reveals the meaning in the data.  Dashboards that provide an overview of the information can highlight strengths your business can build on. These dashboards also allow deep dives into the data that can uncover the root cause of any problems. 

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The inability to integrate company information from multiple sources impedes current decision support systems. Although the data is there, the challenge lies in harvesting the data and turning it into a tool for competitive advantage. This requires data management and analytics expertise.

EMC Consultants can help you:

  • Identify and source key performance indicators to support management decision-making based on industry best practices and alignment with business goals.
  • Create architectures and presentation formats such as scorecards and dashboards to support cross-functional, decision-focused analysis.
  • Develop remediation roadmaps for existing business analytics architectures to improve data quality, timeliness, and reliability.
  • Create analytic platforms that source, transform, and deliver key data to support operational and financial decision-making.
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EMC Consulting can help you optimize your investments in Microsoft SQL Server. We can help you leverage features such as the Unified Dimensional Model to build data management and business intelligence systems that consolidate views of disparate data sources, enable predictive analysis, and provide you with access to the information you need to make timely business decisions.

Our experienced and certified consultants can also support your architectural design needs for:

  • Performance tuning
  • Upgrade/migration/scalability assessments
  • Failover clustering/mirroring/replication
  • SQL Server disaster recovery
  • SQL Server database administration
  • Integration services
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  • Business Intelligence System Development
    Improve decision-making by tapping into disparate data sources to provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.
  • Well Lifecycle Automation
    Automate well lifecycle processes using a single portal and cut time-to-production. This offering improves collaboration, expedites decision making, and increases efficiencies.
  • SQL Server Infrastructure Services
    Plan and perform detailed analysis to optimize deployment of Microsoft SQL Server in support of your IT and business objectives.

Once you have overcome the challenge of uncovering critical business data, you need to turn it into a tool for competitive advantage. A management dashboard centrally displays the current data stored in a business intelligence system. Using graphical displays, dashboards let managers:

  • View status at a glance.
  • Drill down into the data to ascertain a root cause.
  • Spot trends.

Scorecards show color-coded indicators for each key performance indicator (KPI). “What-if” analysis allows users to instantaneously calculate the relationships between arrays of interdependent variables.

Building a management dashboard requires not only programmers, but also industry-focused business analysts and data visualization experts. EMC Consultants understand data management and data visualization challenges. We build management dashboards that present data via an intuitive user interface.

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The data warehouse is the foundation of any business intelligence initiative. Data warehouses are large, all-encompassing repositories that must bring together many different types of data, including structured transaction data and unstructured documents, which can be active or archived.

The data warehouses must be able to fulfill a high volume of read requests for very large data sets with good performance. So database structure and storage layout are critical. EMC consultants have the expertise in data warehouse technology and information management that is vital to the success of the project.

EMC takes advantage of the best practices that have been developed from past efforts. Our consultants also work closely with the end users to shape the solution so that the true business requirements are met. This results in a higher adoption rate and subsequent broader use of the tools.

EMC consultants have a broad mix of expertise that includes database structure, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) design, end-user tools, and security. A proven ETL process will ensure timeliness and accuracy of the data, while the use of Web- and Windows-based tools will help drive user adoption.

EMC’s expertise in integrating server and desktop environments like SQL Server, SharePoint, and the Microsoft Office System will ultimately help accelerate any enterprise reporting initiative.

EMC consultants also provide a disciplined, business-first approach and a proven methodology that is built upon external standards and best practices. By combining qualified technologists, proven solutions, disciplined processes, and established tools, there is a high chance of achieving the desired outcomes.