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Service Management
Service Management

EMC Consulting helps you translate business requirements into a service-based infrastructure utilizing a programmatic view that integrates people, process and technology.

By building on our experience from hundreds of IT service-management engagements with enterprise customers, we drive substantive, sustainable change for your organization. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of best practices, processes, key performance indicators, organization models, automation, report standards, and tools for automating operations, we provide effective solutions for your service management challenges.

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EMC Consulting has helped hundreds of IT organizations to deliver services the business needs at acceptable cost through development of a services catalog. We help derive reference architectures based on tiers of the services catalog, and align applications to the tier that best meets service-level and cost requirements.

In our experience, such standardized service delivery generates significant savings by shifting applications from high-end infrastructure to lower-cost tiers. By managing growth across the enterprise and reclaiming unused capacity, you benefit from an optimized infrastructure with substantially reduced costs.

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  • IT Service Management Consulting
    Transform your IT organization into a service provider to your business by developing a service-oriented infrastructure that optimizes IT processes and better manages data throughout its lifecycle.
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Success Stories

EMC Consulting has helped hundreds of IT organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their data center operations. 

We leverage best practices to help you:

  • Design operational processes.
  • Create operations procedure run-books.
  • Develop organizational design and development plans.
  • Build and automate management reporting and dashboards.
  • Implement financial management and charge-backs. 

We employ a wide range of tools to help you improve and automate management of your IT resources and operations.  By implementing efficient processes and aligning roles and responsibilities to them, we create cost savings and accelerate your transition into a service-driven IT organization.

Top Issues
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  • Transforming Data Center Infrastructure
    Prepare for cloud computing by transforming your data center into an agile, service-based infrastructure through virtualization.
  • Achieving Operational Excellence
    Remove inefficient business processes, information silos, and the limitations of disconnected legacy systems hindering performance.
  • Improving Workforce Productivity
    Improve the productivity of your workforce by making it easier for them to share information, collaborate, make decisions, and learn.
  • Rationalizing Infrastructure Costs
    Extract more value out of IT infrastructure. Keep IT spending under control despite information growth and business changes.
  • Optimizing Infrastructure
    Optimize your data center and virtual infrastructure across the enterprise to generate economies of scale and achieve better infrastructure management.


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