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				  Product Innovation
Product Innovation

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EMC Consulting targeted solutions leverage next generation technologies to help service and content providers deliver innovative offerings and attract and retain customers.


Service providers constantly need to create new revenue streams, respond to competitive threats, and leverage investments in increasingly commoditized IP based networks. To meet these challenges, they must:

  • Establish new business models in emerging markets.
  • Choose solutions that drive new revenue growth without investing in models that will never gain traction.
  • Achieve rapid new service creation.
  • Drive new revenue from content based services.

Our Approach

The EMC Consulting comprehensive approach includes:

Product Creation

  • Future product visioning
  • Market benchmarking
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Technology test lab establishment and operation

Product Development

  • Product requirements specification
  • Functional design
  • Business process design
  • Delivery platform evaluation and selection
  • Platform application and information architecture
  • Implementation roadmap

Product Implementation

  • Delivery platform engineering and integration
  • Partner platform integration
  • Product implementation QA and testing

Measurable Outcomes

EMC works with early adopters of new technologies across the full spectrum of the telecommunications, media, and entertainment industries to:

  • Identify innovative and profitable new products and services.
  • Define and validate customer winning product feature/function sets.
  • Design and implement the optimal product delivery processes and platforms.


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