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				  Operations and Supply Chain Excellence
Operations and Supply Chain Excellence


EMC Operations and Supply Chain Excellence services help life sciences companies achieve even greater levels of competitive advantage through expanded use of technology along the supply chain. We can help you streamline operations, support business processes, improve responsiveness and flexibility, and ensure compliance.


To achieve competitive advantage, life sciences companies must:

  • Assure product integrity from the point of manufacture to consumption.
  • Manage supply while ensuring compliance with regional regulations.
  • Provide the highest quality products on time.
  • Maintain a competitive cost structure.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting focuses on strategic sourcing, new product introduction, manufacturing, channel/order/fulfillment management, and the use of technology, especially RFID, to control quality.

EMC Operations and Supply Chain Excellence services provide: 

  • Snapshot operations analysis for a top-level review to identify opportunities for immediate action.
  • Comprehensive operations assessment for future state "blueprinting," transition planning, and business case development.
  • Business process improvement to identify opportunities for improvement and defining new system requirements.
  • Packaged software evaluation, selection, and implementation.
  • Performance metrics and executive dashboards.
  • Strategic planning for ongoing operations, including supporting systems.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Operations and Supply Chain Excellence services deliver value by ensuring you can:

  • Maintain high product availability without high inventory levels.
  • Supply multiple markets from focused sourcing operations.
  • Comply with the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction in which you operate.
  • Streamline the supply chain to reduce costs.


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