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				  Master Data Management
Master Data Management

Success Stories

Forward-looking companies are realizing the benefits of creating a unified and authoritative source of master data in response to a number of drivers. The move to master data management:

  • Develops and leverages customer-centric, rather than product-centric, views of the customer/business interaction.
  • Creates a unified definition of what constitutes a “product” across distributed lines of business and geographies.
  • Integrates organization, employee, and location data in response to merger and acquisition activity.


However, integrating multiple data stores has proven difficult because of the disparate systems and inconsistent methods used to capture and define data. Information is fragmented and the volume of information is sometimes overwhelming. Systems may not maintain documentation indicating the data structure, business definitions, or purposes for which data is being used.

Our Approach

EMC provides a range of Master Data Management services to help:

Develop Strategy

  • Create roadmaps
  • Unify master data
  • Implement a business-driven solution.

Establish Architectures

  • Select tools
  • Implement Master Data Repositories.

Standardize and Convert Data

  • Create industry specific models and transformations.

Establish Data Governance / Data Stewardship

  • Establish structures and processes
  • Establish metrics to maintain and enrich data quality over time.

Measurable Outcomes

Let EMC Consulting help you:

  • Implement master data repositories for reuse across enterprise activities.
  • Establish the policies, process, and tools that sustain master data.
  • Enable the enterprise to realize the full value of shared master data via integration.


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