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				  Legal Spend Management
Legal Spend Management

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EMC Consulting Legal Spend Management services enable you to manage out-of-house legal expenses more effectively. Experienced practitioners from our dedicated legal management group identify areas of leakage and strategies for improvement.


Legal departments contract with outside firms to augment resources and bring specific expertise to bear on topics ranging from contract compliance to product liability.

To manage legal spending effectively, you need to:

  • Track the number of firms receiving business.
  • Understand how firms are chosen.
  • Know whether alternative fee arrangements apply.
  • Capture timekeeper and rate information.
  • Evaluate expense against service satisfaction.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting Legal Spend Management approach begins with an assessment of legal spend management processes to identify likely areas of leakage. We review organizational structure, processes, data management, metrics, and technology to compare your operations to industry best practices. We capture key metrics in the form of dashboards and reports that include:

  • Settlement value and probability of winning litigations.
  • Law firm blended rates, comparing rates among firms.
  • Discount analysis.
  • Spend accrued but not yet paid.

Recommendations address issues ranging from implementing eBilling solutions to executing a law firm relationship management program.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Consulting Legal Spend Management Services help you:

  • Obtain visibility into the entire legal spend process.
  • Bring your legal spend management process in line with industry best practices.
  • Implement metrics to monitor effectively and reduce costs.
  • Implement efficient eBilling and relationship management solutions.


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