IT Strategy and Transformation
IT Strategy and Transformation

Descriptive Info

IT organizations are trying to drive down non-discretionary costs and free up funds to enable new business initiatives. Some also consider alternative organizational models, plan shared-services initiatives, and choose new IT applications and products.


EMC IT Strategy and Transformation services combine innovative strategies with a pragmatic approach to transformation to maximize your IT delivery effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Our Approach

EMC IT Strategy and Transformation services can help you:

  • Develop new strategic operating models.
  • Compare IT process capabilities with best practices.
  • Design pricing models for IT services.
  • Introduce governance models for the management of technology.
  • Implement optimized organizational models.
  • Create metrics programs and balanced scorecards to measure progress toward goals.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC consultants leverage our broad capabilities and deep expertise to help you transform your IT organization into a source of continuing competitive effectiveness.


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