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				  Customer Performance Management
Customer Performance Management

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EMC Customer Performance Management services address sales and marketing, customer support, and partner relationships to deliver comprehensive relationship management solutions.


Accelerating time to peak sales in the face of growing competition involves more than technology. Success hinges on building strategic relationships with suppliers and partners and on understanding the differing motivations of customer segments and influencers. 

Our Approach

EMC Consulting takes an enterprise view of relationship management to improve effectiveness across all channels of customer, partner, and supplier contact. Our approach includes strategy, organizational design, requirements engineering, and metrics. We can help you:

  • Develop effective strategies and roadmaps using techniques such as focus groups, customer valuation, predictive modeling, and market response analytics.
  • Design innovative sales and support models based on integrated customer data, business process analysis, and customer interaction modeling.
  • Define requirements, design architecture, and evaluate solutions for call centers, sales forces, and partner channels.
  • Design, capture and analyze key performance indicators (KPI) to achieve business objectives.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Customer Performance Management services provide you with unified views of strategic relationships to improve effectiveness. We can help you:

  • Develop relationship models to support varied strategic relationships.
  • Redefine "customer value" to include tangible measures of short-term sales and long-term influence value.
  • Improve business agility by understanding customer values.
  • Develop tiered levels of service, stratified customer experiences, and cost-effective multichannel support.
  • Minimize demand for customer support.

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