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				  Compliance Management for Financial Services
Compliance Management for Financial Services

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EMC Consulting leverages a range of business consulting capabilities to help financial services firms optimize compliance management programs. We work with leading compliance-solution vendors to deploy and support technology solutions to minimize risk and provide integrated compliance management capabilities.


Compliance and risk officers face a set of unprecedented and complex challenges in managing multiple compliance initiatives across several lines of business. Forward-looking firms must deploy integrated compliance management solutions to enable proactive risk mitigation and integrated reporting.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting has successfully delivered many large-scale compliance solutions covering most major compliance areas within Financial Services including: Basel II, Trading Compliance Monitoring (TCM), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Information Barriers, FACTA, Patriot Act, and “KYC" and "CIP" Programs.

We have developed Compliance Alignment Models to assist organizations in benchmarking compliance-related activities against that of their peers. We use Enterprise Risk Management tools to assess, monitor, and report on compliance activities across any set of mandates

Our enterprise compliance framework creates a platform to integrate various point solutions across the diverse aspects of compliance and risk management.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Consulting solutions:

  • Enable a single, corporate-wide program that affords a unified view of risk across the enterprise.
  • Provide the management tools needed to comprehensively, efficiently, and cost-effectively ameliorate risk across the enterprise.

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