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				  Well Lifecycle Automation
Well Lifecycle Automation

Descriptive Info

Automating well lifecycle processes can speed decision-making, increase efficiency, and cut time-to-production.


Managing the lifecycle of a well is a complex process, comprising activities from lead identification to production. Each stage of the process requires the assembly of disparate technical and financial data and documentation, has myriad regulatory and reporting requirements, and thrives on timely decision-making. Streamlining the process can cut time-to-production for a new well, yielding faster time-to-revenue and increased profit.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting develops systems that automate manual processes and expedite information sharing at critical times in the well lifecycle. These systems:

  • Centralize, consolidate, maintain, and track the data and documents needed to manage the well lifecycle (finding, preparing, drilling, producing, and divesting).
  • Provide instantaneous access to up-to-date well activity data via dashboards.
  • Automate and standardize activity reporting processes.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Consulting has helped oil and gas companies:

  • Reduce the time to move assets from prospect to drilling, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per well.
  • Dramatically reduce the time spent preparing weekly management reports.
  • Facilitate look-back activities, thus minimizing repeat work and improving opportunity evaluations.
  • Shift staff from lengthy data collection and inefficient data transmission to performing analyses.
  • Eliminate lag times in departmental notification processes.
  • Improve data accuracy and eliminate forms with out-of-date data.

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