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				  SQL Server Infrastructure Services
SQL Server Infrastructure Services

Descriptive Info

EMC SQL Server Infrastructure Services apply comprehensive planning and proven expertise in highly focused and customized Microsoft SQL Server engagements. Experienced and certified consultants plan and perform detailed analysis for optimal deployment of SQL Server in support of your IT and business objectives.


With limited resources and increasing demands, today's enterprises need to accelerate deployment and increase return on Microsoft SQL Server investments. Organizations need assistance in evaluating, assessing, and organizing their current SQL Server environment and building an upgrade plan for new key features that will improve business impact.

Our Approach

EMC provides best practice expertise and proven methodologies to lower risk and increase ROI in your Microsoft SQL Server environment. Our highly trained consultants perform detailed discovery and analysis to ensure your SQL Server environment supports ongoing requirements to:

  • Improve performance and scalability.
  • Improve consolidation and management.
  • Improve archiving and compliance.
  • Improve information protection.

Measurable Outcomes

Our SQL Server Infrastructure Services proven approach helps you:

  • Prepare and plan for the scalability and data warehousing benefits of SQL Server 2012.
  • Manage databases and SQL Server instances more efficiently, with new tools for performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and tuning.
  • Design an optimized storage layout based on best practices for configuration, ongoing maintenance, and future provisioning.
  • Determine if virtualization is a viable option in your SQL application environment.


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