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				  Enterprise Messaging and Unified Communications
Enterprise Messaging and Unified Communications

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EMC Consulting offers enterprise architecture, design, and deployment expertise across the core Unified Communications technologies – Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Communications Server. EMC can create a customized solution that:

  • Brings together communication systems and tools.
  • Leverages a single identity for improved manageability.
  • Works seamlessly with other Microsoft and EMC investments.


Most enterprises already have large investments in existing communication infrastructures. Implementing new systems, upgrading existing technologies, or migrating to new platforms can be challenging.

Our Approach

In order to properly design and deploy an enterprise messaging or unified communications system, it is critical to understand the business and technical drivers behind the deployment. EMC includes an in-depth analysis of:

  • Current and planned networks.
  • Your Active Directory environment.
  • Existing and planned messaging platform(s).
  • Scalability and performance requirements.
  • Required service levels.
  • Fault tolerance.
  • System manageability requirements.
  • Remote/mobile user access needs.
  • Interoperability requirements.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC’s deep expertise in Microsoft technologies and compatibility makes us uniquely qualified in all phases of unified communication systems development – from how the software is designed and deployed to the infrastructure that stores and protects the critical information being shared.

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