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Cloud Application Platform
Cloud Application Platform

EMC consultants help customers to develop strategy and solutions for application platform technologies like vFabric and Azure. We deliver efficient applications using cloud technologies with enterprise architecture.

In addition, we develop custom applications using an Agile approach and technologies such as Java and .NET. We have a dedicated quality assurance and testing competency that provides full-lifecycle implementation support on the projects we deliver.

EMC Consulting also offers mobility service offerings including application development, focused on Microsoft Windows Phone 7, Apple iPhone, and Android platforms.

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Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows application developers to write software that leverages a common set of powerful services like caching and queuing. PaaS lets you speed up systems development lifecycle (SDLC) and deliver elastically scalable and operationally efficient platforms to run data-intensive applications.

The EMC PaaS Application Strategy workshop helps clients to understand and plan for adoption of these powerful technologies. This service includes a planning session to understand your IT environment and objectives, an interactive white-board workshop, and a clear architectural roadmap.

EMC Consulting subject matter experts will lead you and your stakeholders through this intensive and highly interactive workshop. The roadmap document we deliver captures notes, observations, and recommendations from the workshop including technology options, processes, and next steps.

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Traditional software development is costly, slow, and requires a significant IT infrastructure to be created for development and testing. This traditional infrastructure is inflexible, however, and has to be able to support peak demand. As a result, it’s not being fully utilized for much of the time.

The expertise and experience of EMC Consulting with cloud application platform technologies like VMware vFabric, SpringSource, and Microsoft Azure uniquely equip our consultants with the skills required to deliver strategy, implementation, and application development services for platform as a service (PaaS).

EMC consultants assess our client's application development capabilities for the cloud, recommend a strategy, and provide resources to modernize the application architecture as well as migrate development and test platforms.

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The Agile formal approach minimizes risk and enables projects to adapt to changes more quickly. Agile development incorporates frequent inspection, team work, and accountability. Changing an organization that has relied on traditional waterfall development to an agile one can be daunting.

An experienced coach can help bridge the gap. EMC Consulting helps clients to create agile development organizations through assessment, training, and coaching.

During an assessment, EMC Consulting explores your environment identifies key issues and makes recommendations. Our training and coaching suites quickly bring a whole team to the level where they can start Agile development.

They include:

  • Agile estimating and planning
  • Certified Scrum master
  • Certified Scrum product owner
  • User stories for Agile requirements
  • Five-day boot camp for an entire Scrum team


The rise of mobile devices brings new challenges and opportunities. New competitors are encroaching on traditional brands, and customers now expect instant access to everything. However, mobile devices enable you to create direct, intimate relationships with your customers while mobile applications are infrastructure-light and rapidly deployed.

EMC consultants can help you to identify where mobile enablement will increase your business advantage and where it fits into your current governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) and security constraints. We’ll show you where cloud services will accelerate mobile enablement and what organizational, process, and skills are required.

Our services help you to prioritize business initiatives for mobility, identify mobility use cases, and develop the reference architecture for key mobility components. We assess your current mobility readiness including governance, policy, technology, skills, process, and risk. Finally, we develop a roadmap identifying the next steps we recommend that you undertake.

What We Offer
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  • EMC Mobile Advisory Service
    This service overview describes the EMC Mobile Advisory Service from EMC Consulting. This four-week engagement helps clients establish the economic business case for mobile adoption. We identify the right focus area to help determine how to identify the best ways in which to leverage mobile to create business value.
  • EMC Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) Application Strategy Workshop
    This service overview will help your organization adopt to the powerful changing technologies revolving around the cloud.
  • EMC Test Management Office Service
    Quality application development depends on an effective Test Management Office. EMC consultants use a proven approach to assist you in establishing and running your own Test Management Office.
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As a leader in enterprise content management technology, EMC has defined many best practices in use by customers today. From object, metadata, and taxonomy modeling to distributed architectures, search optimization, and tiered storage, we are expert in applying ECM best practices to your business.

Decades of deployment experience with a diverse set of customers gives us deep knowledge of many industries in almost every corner of the globe. That knowledge enables us to apply the appropriate best practices to your unique business requirements.

Case management modeling accelerates business solution development by embedding our best practices framework into the technology. This enables us to refine and optimize your unique business processes using a common, configurable tool set.

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  • Enterprise Core Solution
    Use the EMC Documentum Enterprise Core Solution as an accelerator to achieve enterprise deployment, faster results, and easier user adoption.
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Information that drives your business decisions can change dramatically over its lifecycle, as it intersects, merges, and feeds supporting functions. Mission-critical applications are evolving into critical business processes that require integration at the data, process, and platform levels.

Enabling distinct business processes to work together creates a foundation for intelligent information management. Applying case management rules to an information lifecycle makes the right data available to the right process on the right platform at the right time for optimum decision-making.

Using case-based modeling to improve the effectiveness of your business processes adds value to your content and provides a more efficient decision-making environment.

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  • Enterprise Core Solution
    Use the EMC Documentum Enterprise Core Solution as an accelerator to achieve enterprise deployment, faster results, and easier user adoption.
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EMC Consulting can help you build business process management (BPM) systems and integrate applications using Microsoft BizTalk Server. Our certified consultants include Microsoft MVPs, who can help you organize applications into services that reflect the business needs of your organization.

Our consultants:

  • Review business requirements and goals for BPM and enterprise integration.
  • Examine existing systems and processes and create an implementation plan.
  • Design, develop, and implement systems using BizTalk Server.
  • Perform BizTalk Server upgrades and migrations.
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Cloud improves IT and business agility by changing the way in which IT services are delivered, consumed, and managed, making it easier for business and application stakeholders to select services matched to their cost and service level requirements.

EMC Consulting helps you realize these benefits by integrating self-service provisioning, change management, and performance management for applications with workload management for proactive capacity management.

Our experienced consultants help you reap the flexibility of private cloud to shorten application development and make your business more agile through:

  • IT provisioned as a shared service
  • Flexible demand management
  • Self-service interface to IT services


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  • IT Service Management Consulting
    Transform your IT organization into a service provider to your business by developing a service-oriented infrastructure that optimizes IT processes and better manages data throughout its lifecycle.


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