RSA SecurID Select Design Process and Templates

RSA SecurID Select allows you to customize RSA SecurID two-factor authenticators with your organization's logo and other brand elements to increase your own brand awareness while leveraging ours.

RSA SecurID Select SID 700

Follow this simple, three-step process to guarantee timely delivery of quality co-branded RSA SecurID Authenticators.

Please review this document carefully to ensure a smooth process.

1) Customer Creates the Artwork and Sends to RSA

Customers are responsible for the brand or other elements that they use to co-brand the authenticators. Using the design templates provided by RSA below, the customer determines how the company’s logo and other brand elements should appear on the co-branded RSA SecurID Authenticators.

Providing proper artwork is a critical step in processing the order quickly and accurately. Specific technical instructions are provided in each template.

NOTE: PowerPoint, Visio, Word, Acrobat PDF, or any file types other than vector .eps will be rejected by quality control. Customers must use one of the templates provided below.

RSA SecurID Select Design Templates in .ai and .eps formats:


RSA SecurID model SID200
RSA SecurID model SID520
RSA SecurID models SID700 or 800


2) RSA Develops a Prototype of the Co-Branded Key Sheet

Once production-quality artwork is received, a prototype will be produced and submitted to the customer for approval.

3) Customer Reviews and Approves Prototype

At this point, the customer will have the opportunity to make necessary changes. Upon receiving final customer approval, RSA will proceed with the manufacturing and assembly of the order. Once the order is complete, RSA will archive the artwork for re-order purposes.