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RSA NetWitness: The Revolutionary Approach to Network Monitoring RSA NetWitness Incident Response The revolutionary approach to network monitoring

RSA NetWitness Incident Response

Today's IT environment constantly presents new threats. Actors include insiders, cyber criminals, and nation-states. Vectors include zero-day and targeted malware, APTs, fraud, espionage, data leakage, and more. Yet countermeasures and technologies such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), anti-virus, or log-aggregation systems fail to provide the visibility you need.

To cope with these risks, you need to know everything happening across the network at all times, and you must be able to respond immediately with clear answers, pervasive and actionable intelligence, and real-time situational awareness.

Network Security Monitoring Must Be Agile

RSA NetWitness provides an enterprise network security monitoring platform that leading organizations have adopted for incident response and digital investigations.

  • RSA NetWitness definitively answers the uncertainty around what's happening on your network. It's like being able to examine incidents with an HD video camera recording all network traffic.
  • When an incident response team receives an alert, they can use RSA NetWitness Investigator to review the network traffic associated with the incident and understand the content and context of network- and application-level events, shortening time to resolution and providing certainty.
  • RSA NetWitness Informer is an automated reporting and alerting application tuned to analyze network traffic for the kinds of hacker and malware-related problems that IDS and other network-based countermeasures miss.