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RSA NetWitness: The Revolutionary Approach to Network Monitoring RSA NetWitness High Tech The revolutionary approach to network monitoring

RSA NetWitness High Tech

Intellectual property represents the competitive advantage for any enterprise in high tech. Malicious insiders and intentional data exfiltration are top security risks that require vigilant monitoring of network activity for potential compromise.

Most attacks that lead to data loss have a common trait: they come from the inside. The attacker may well be a state-sponsored actor, part of a cyber criminal community, or a malicious insider. Each of these is either granted access to critical information or has obtained it by abusing weaknesses in security measures. The key to addressing these threats is knowing everything that happens across the network and having the answers to any questions that may arise.

Network Security Monitoring Must Be Agile

RSA NetWitness solves this problem by offering a powerful enterprise network monitoring platform that records all data on the network and performs fully automated analyses of immense volumes of reconstructed network, application, and user traffic.

Using RSA NetWitness, security teams have the pervasive content, context, and complete visibility needed to answer any question about business concerns such as insider threats, data leakage, covert activities/channels, compromised hosts, and malware activities.