RSA FraudAction 360 RSA FraudAction 360 Anti-Trojan Service Stop phishing, trojans, and rogue apps

RSA FraudAction 360 Anti-Trojan Service

Crimeware proliferation is a constant problem faced by organizations in protecting their customers, their brands and assets, and the integrity of the online channel. The RSA FraudAction 360 Anti-Trojan Service helps to prevent Trojan attacks that occur in the online channel.

This service is designed to help organizations prepare for an attack before it occurs, respond to an attack when it takes place, and minimize the threat by analyzing the server and attempting to recover stolen credentials before they are compromised.

Our Anti-Trojan Service features:

  • Real-Time Identification and Alerts – Gain maximum coverage for detection of Trojan threats from the broad RSA FraudAction 360 partner network.
  • Credentials Recovery – Benefit from extensive Trojan investigation and information extraction to recover additional credentials.
  • FraudAction Blocking Network – Prevent and block access to identified infection, drop, and update points.
  • Mitigation – Benefit from targeted shut-down of infection and drop sites worldwide.
  • Mule Harvesting – Block any future transactions attempted by an identified mule account, mitigating the threat posed by man-in-the-browser Trojan attacks.
  • Countermeasures – Use bait and other countermeasures to track fraudulent activity and increase the chances of catching criminals.

With our Anti-Trojan Service, our customers stay one step ahead of new, debilitating attacks.