RSA FraudAction 360 RSA FraudAction 360 Anti-Phishing Service Stop phishing, trojans, and rogue apps

RSA FraudAction 360 Anti-Phishing Service

Phishing remains a growing threat to organizations across the globe as both the number of attacks and fraudsters' sophistication level continue to grow month after month. RSA FraudAction 360 Anti-Phishing Service is an end-to-end product designed to detect and shut down phishing attacks.

In providing comprehensive, global coverage to customers, our Anti-Phishing Service employs a number of measures to ensure end-to-end protection against the threat of phishing including:

  • Threat Detection and Alert – Detect attacks early through active scanning of more than three billion URLs a day and near-real-time alerts, reducing the impact of fraud attempts.
  • Forensics and Credential Recovery – Benefit from forensic investigation of an attack to extract additional valuable data such as compromised personal information, email drop accounts, and specific IP information.
  • Mitigation and Site Shut-down – Receive end-to-end protection against phishing threats from detection to site shut-down.
  • Countermeasures – Track fraudulent activity and lower risk exposure through randomized credentials technology and bait.
  • Intelligence – Stay updated with information on the latest online threats including new and emerging fraud trends.
  • Education – Gain help on how to educate consumers about online threats and avoid associated risks.

With our Anti-Phishing Service, customers stay one step ahead of new, debilitating attacks.