RSA Access Management RSA MyAccessLive SSO Simplifying secure access

RSA MyAccessLive SSO

Single sign-on (SSO) gives users the ability to authenticate once then easily access web applications through a simple user interface. SSO helps business users avoid remembering multiple passwords across applications, and eases IT administration through broad visibility, reduced password resets, and automated credential provisioning.

But there is more to SSO. To provide a comprehensive view of access across applications, RSA offers a business-driven SSO solution that governs access, ensuring users are given appropriate access to applications based on business need. This is achieved by incorporating SSO entitlements into overall identity business management processes: access reviews, access requests, roles, and provisioning.

With RSA MyAccessLive SSO, your organization can:

  • Enable simple and secure user access to cloud and on-premises applications
  • Define authentication policies for users across all applications
  • Govern SSO access to all applications based on business processes, policies, and lifecycle events