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RSA Access Management RSA Access Manager Simplifying secure access

RSA Access Manager

RSA Access Manager enables organizations to centrally manage authentication and authorization policies for a large number of users, online web portals, and application resources. Access Manager empowers enterprises to deploy applications more quickly while providing seamless user access with single sign-on (SSO).

What's more, Access Manager is Common Criteria EAL3+-certified.

Access Manager provides the following features:

  • Policy-based access controls – Mitigate risk and protect online assets. Ensure only authorized users can access sensitive data within web-based applications.
  • Centralized policy management – Reduce costly administration associated with managing authentication and authorization policies separately across multiple applications. Quickly gauge compliance levels and reduce audit costs.
  • Unified access control – Achieve unified access control across multiple applications. Reduce IT complexity and administrative costs through centralization and elimination of redundant infrastructure.
  • Fine-grained access controls – Mitigate risk with access privileges by select attributes like job function and responsibilities.
  • Web single sign-on – Provide a better user experience by allowing your employees, customers, and partners to sign into your web portal just once.
  • Delegated administration – Distribute user and access policy management responsibilities.
  • Context-aware authentication – Combine single sign-on with risk-based authentication to protect higher-risk resources from fraud.