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RSA Digital Certificate Manager RSA Registration Manager Secure environment for digital certificates

RSA Registration Manager

RSA Registration Manager streamlines the enrollment process for handling large volumes of end user certificate requests by verifying the credentials of certificate requests and providing certificates to the requester.

Registration Manager enables organizations to set up remote or local stand-alone enrollment centers for large user implementations at distributed geographic locations, allowing organizations to scale their certificate management systems while moving the approval process closer to the users. This process significantly reduces the risk of approving certificates to unauthorized parties.

Registration Manager offers the following features:

  • Scalability – Support for the distribution of many registration authorities (RAs) to provide easy deployment of certificates to hundreds or thousands of employees, partners, customers, systems, and devices. Scalable across multiple RAs.
  • Enhanced security – Highly secure enrollment system that authenticates administrators using certificates and, if required, smart cards. Designed for secure web-based administration and approval via authenticated, access-controlled Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) sessions.
  • Flexible enrollment – Streamlined enrollment to support high volumes of requests for certificates. Flexible to work within any trust model.