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RSA Digital Certificate Manager RSA Key Recovery Manager Secure environment for digital certificates

RSA Key Recovery Manager

RSA Key Recovery Manager securely archives and recovers users’ encryption keys to reduce the risk of data loss in the event an encryption key is lost, misplaced, or corrupted. Key Recovery Manager is offered as an optional package as part of RSA Certificate Manager.

Key Recovery Manager features a hardware-based key-generation process handled through a hardware security module, offering a more secure key-generation technique than software-based generation. Hierarchical storage management (HSM) systems provide secure management of private keys in that the keys never leave the module unencrypted. They reside in dedicated hardware while in use and are encrypted with the triple Digital Encryption Standard (DES) when idle.

The use of an integrated HSM enables Key Recovery Manager to deliver the highest standard for security and data integrity while providing key recovery services. Key Recovery Manager also helps organizations to address various storage requirements based on their varying regulatory needs and is completely configurable to meet different storage period requirements.

Since it retains private encryption keys strongly encrypted in secure storage on the hardware security module even compromises to the server’s operating system won’t jeopardize the security of the key database.